Agile Synergy Group has built a capable solution of finding complex solutions by understanding their meaning. Supports growth of a broadly diversified and sophisticated technology, operating at the intersection of innovation and transformation, harnessing and wield the most representative forms of

Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Blockchain, System Network, Enterprise Software, Consumer Software. Fortune 100 reposition across all mission sets, to better enable outcomes with greater speed and accuracy, while optimizing the abilities. Highly effective Deal Sourcing and Partner


Increase Quarterly Sales

ASG facilitates the approval cycle between vendors and intellectual property related to new technology through milestones and royalties license arrangement.


Annual Sales

ASG facilitate partners through alternative high velocity growth verticals, proven track record. Ranging in size from green-field startups to Fortune 100. Typically starting value at $10M


Employee Reduction

Third party outsource partnership. Increasing net profit.

Pick Your Engagement Model

Short Term

For customer seeking quick wins for short term goal

Long Term

For clients hoping to achieve an overreaching vision, or those looking for a long term partner.

Today, approximately half of Agile Synergy Group pipeline and marketed technology derive from successful collaborations with companies and institutions around the world

The Power of Licensing Partnership


We designed the ASG Licensing Partnership to enable Partners to grow in revenue, opportunity, and brand recognition.

In terms of new technology acceptance, Licensing is the most preferred business model as acceptance and approval is often fast tracked, with all parties, especially supply chain management as a new vendor. Completing the approval cycle is a daunting task, especially when it requires cross-functional acceptance from organizations such as engineering, user experience, marketing and innovation strategy. Once the technology is approved, the next hurdle is vendor approval, as manufacturing presents different complications. The simplest and quickest path to production is license arrangement. ASG focuses on licensing technology primarily for United States companies with revenues averaging over $10M+, startups, major research institutions.